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We carry a wide array of landscaping mulch to suit all your Oakbrook Terrace project needs

Mulch Delivery & Sales in Oakbrook Terrace

Come to Westmore Supply Co and take a walk through our lot to see a wide variety of mulch available for all your landscaping needs. Choose the right textures and color for your next residential gardening or commercial landscape design project.

Take advantage of our delivery service! As long as you live in the Oakbrook Terrace Illinois area, we will bring the mulch right to your home or jobsite. Contact us today to schedule mulch delivery. 

Available Mulch

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Pine Bark
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Benefits of Mulch

Mulch does so much more than just add curb appeal. By adding mulch to your landscaping you are helping insulate the soil which portects it and your plants from heat and cold temperatures. Mulch also helps to retain water, while also helping to prevent root competition by reducting weeds. 

I have used them for over 25 years. Family run business. Now 3rd generation answering phones. They have smaller trucks that are great for tight spots.

Red Dyed Mulch

 Red Dyed Mulch is generally made usind the entire tree. Of all dyed mulches, the red mulch generally retains its color the longest. The red color is created using iron oxide which is safe for use around pets, plants and people. As the mulch decomposes it will actually help your soil quality by adding small amounts of the iron. 

Dyed Brown Mulch


Pine Bark Mulch 

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